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We specialize in finding and selling high-quality scientific glassware and borosilicate glassware components from leading glass traders. What stands us apart is our commitment to quality. If necessary, we may additionally provide glass parts produced from superior European borosilicate glass 3.3 tubing that meets the most stringent industry standards, such as DIN ISO 3585 and ASTM E438 Type I, Class A.

This assures high precision and optical quality, putting us on a level with the world's leading producers.


our Turnkey Projects

Sulphuric Acid Concentration System

Commercial Sulphuric acid concentration system is affordable in its raw, undiluted form, but the diluted version has limited market potential due to decreased concentrations and contaminants. The concentrated form is preferred in businesses that value purity and strength because to its competitive pricing. In layman's terms, pure sulfuric acid is more useful for industrial applications, but the diluted version struggles to obtain market acceptance.
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Bromine Recovery System

Bromine recovery system can be found in sea bittern and industrial waste, including aqueous hydrobromic acid (Aq. HBr), sodium bromide (Aq. NaBr), and potassium bromide (Aq. KBr). Bromine concentrations in the feedstock can range between 2 and 300 grams per liter (GPL), depending on the industry. This diversified bromine supply, both from natural and industrial sources, provides flexibility in satisfying precise concentration needs for various applications.
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our Products

Nutsche Filter

The Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter is a sealed container designed specifically for separating particles and liquids via vacuum filtration. This closed vessel uses agitation to improve the filtration process. It separates solid particles from liquids efficiently by acting under vacuum settings. The Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter's design highlights its capacity to fulfill this critical filtration function, making it a dependable choice for businesses that require precise separation of solid and liquid components.
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Custom Glassware

Besides standard glass components, we differentiate by providing bespoke borosilicate glass tube designed to our customer's specific needs. Our experience lies in designing glass goods to precise specifications, ensuring that each piece fits flawlessly with our client's individual demands and tastes. This commitment to customization distinguishes us, allowing us to offer not only products but also solutions tailored to improve the precision and efficiency of our customers' applications.


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Technical Information

ISO Standard Practices

  • DIN ISO : 3585
  • DIN ISO : 3586
  • DIN ISO : 3587
  • DIN ISO : 4704
  • BSEN : 1595
  • DIN ISO : 718
High-quality glass parts sourced from premier using the finest raw materials. We specialize in providing scientific glassware components made from the leading European Borosilicate Glass 3.3 tubing supplier. Our products adhere to all major standards, including DIN ISO 3585 and ASTM E438 Type I, Class A, ensuring exceptional accuracy and optical properties. As a dedicated supplier, we take pride in delivering quality that stands on par with leading glass worldwide.

Industries We Serve

  • Chemical Industries
  • R & D Industries
  • Pigment and Dyes Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Perfumery Industries
  • Lighting Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Precious Metal Industries
  • Life Science Industries
  • Essential Oil Industries
  • Bio Tech Industries
  • Distilleries

Turnkey Service

  • Design & engineering
  • Procurement
  • Installation and Erection
  • Testing & Quality assurance
  • Commissioning


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